nimblstand: A great ipad stand for use with Apple wireless keyboard

i just got a new device for my ipad and iphone called the nimblstand

The nimblstand is a stand that holds your Apple wireless bluetooth keyboard and contains a slot for your ipad or iphone or any other tablet or Smartphone for that matter. The tablet or smartphone can be in landscape or portrait mode.

The ipad is held at an angle that is just right for typing with the attached Apple keyboard with an outrigger type support that balances the whole package nicely on your lap. Needless to say it also works with no problems on a flat supporting surface like a desk or tabletop.

Alternately, you can reverse the stand and have the keyboard tucked away behind the ipad and have the ipad at the perfect angle for handwriting on it with your finger or a stylus.

Speaking of the stylus, I ordered the nimblstand plus a Wacom Bamboo stylus combo package. The Bamboo stylus is designed to be held securely in the groove of the nimblstand when not in use.

Overall, I am impressed by this novel concept of an ipad stand that integrates so nicely with the Apple wireless keyboard. For many years now, I have had 2 apple wireless keyboards on my office desktop and had only been making use of one of them for use with my iMac. Now that I have a nimblstand, I can dedicate the unused Bluetooth keyboard to my mobile ipad setup and pair it with the nimblstand and have a nice stand for keyboard or general ipad touch/stylus use.

The unit is well designed with well placed notches to allow you to see the power light on the Apple BT keyboard, a slot to access the ipad’s Home button when in portrait mode, and a groove to support the stylus for storage and when it is in use but not needed in your hand. The stylus sticks out of a the groove like a pen in an inkwell stand when placed there to free up both hands for typing on the keyboard.


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I am not affiliated with them in any way, just a satisfied customer.
$49.95 for the nimblstand and $66.95 for the Wacom Bamboo stylus plus the nimblstand.
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